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Frequently Asked Questions...

Will you do natural services?


What if I have proof of recent testing?

Still no.

Why do you want my ID?

So that if anything illegal were to happen (as in me getting assaulted or if you got caught filming our time without my consent) then there will be consequences.

What about my safety? Show me your ID then.

I would have not lasted this long in the industry if I wasn't trustworthy and discreet, feel free to search the many reviews I have online which can be found on Independent Escorting sites such as Scarlet Blue.

Why do you want a deposit?

I will usually only require a deposit on tours or if you have previously cancelled our time together. This is to ensure that I am not out of pocket if you wish to cancel. Deposits are transferable if you wish to reschedule up to 24 hours before the booking, and refundable of 50% if cancelled between 48-72 hours and fully refundable if more notice is given.

When should I give you the money?

Please hand me the money, or leave it on a table in clear view at the beginning of our meeting.

When are you coming to 'Insert City Here'?

I will be occasionally posting Expressions of Interest for tours to various cities, if enough bookings have been made the tour will go ahead. If your city is not listed feel free to let me know, and provided you have a deposit ready I can usually rearrange possible destinations. Alternatively, Fly Me To You options are available if you wanted a wild and adventurous private escort all to yourself.

Will you send me a photo?

No. All recent and unedited photos can be found on my OnlyFans, failing that there are photos on my Twitter, online profiles and this very website.

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